Tongren-Rebkong Tibetan Buddhist Art Schools

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A video travelogue about the Tongren-Rebkong Tibetan Buddhist Art Schools

Tongren (Tibetan: Rebkong) is a city in Northwest-China, Qinghai Province. The Rebkong valley is famous for its monasteries and their art schools for Tibetan Buddhist Art. 
Wutong Monastery (in Sangkeshan Village, 10km outside town) is the center for Buddhist Thangka paintings. The works of the artists are ordered by Buddhist Monasteries all over the world, because of the exceptional high quality of the paintings. These elaborate Buddhist works of art have been created here for centuries, and the town is still considered the best place in the Tibetan world to study Thangka Painting or to buy Thangkas.
The video was recorded in October 2009 by mickspatz during a travel on the Eastern Silk Road in October 2009.





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