Sichuan Odyssee , the aboriginal Nuosu - Yi nationals

2.5 min. video ,  11 MByte  .mp4  or .wmv compressed data.  Give your PC some time to load the data before the player appears on your screen.

A video travelogue about the scenic amenities of the Chinese South - Western province of Sichuan, highlighting beautiful, historical Buddhist Mountains and aboriginal minorities in the hidden " High - Cool Mountains " .


The Yi Minority with their population of  8 Million people belongs to the bigger nationalities of the 55 Chinese ethnic groups.They live in the South-Western provinces Sichuan , Yunnan and Guizhou . Those living in the High-Cool Mountains , the Da Liangshan Mountains in the South of Sichuan,  preserved many of their traditions even within the recent Han Chinese majority in their territory. They call themselves Nuosu, have their own language and writing and count a population of 2 million people.The capital of the autonomeous district Liangshan is Xichang. The High-Cool Mountains of the Da Liangshan reach heights up to 4000 meter above sea level, the average height of the Nuosu-Yi area is 2000 to 2500 meter .






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