Lhasa ,  center of Tibetan Buddhism

3.5 min. video ,  14 MByte  .mp4  or .wmv compressed data.  Give your PC some time to load the data before the player appears on your screen  or use the LINK with YouTube for playing the video in HD quality.


A video travelogue about the skyway from Zhongdian ( chinese province Yunnan ) to Lhasa over the Sichuan - Tibet Highway with terrific views onto bizarre Himalaya mountains and glaciers.  A cultural walk through the city of Lhasa with its spectacular Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, which is the major religious destination for Tibetan Buddhists and a visit of Serena Monastery , the biggest and most important education place and university for Tibetan Buddhist monks.  The video ends with a travel on the worlds highest train, the Tibet Train. This is a 44 hour train ride from Lhasa to Chengdu, with 1150 km above 4000m sea level, 500 km on permafrost ground, passes at 5150m above sea level and a grandious landscape outside of the train window (grass lands, snow mountains of 6 to 7000m, deserts, highest sweat water lake of the world, highly eroded limestone mountains etc.) ; the ride on the Tibet train became the highlight of that travel.





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