The Phi Faa Ritual

A shamanistic ritual in Lao and Northeast-Thailand (Issan) for healing illnesses

Phi Faa is a supernatural power residing in the sky.  Phi Faa is able to heal from desease and protect from unexplained disasters.The Phi Faa Ritual is preferably celebrated  for a person that rejoices the convalescence from a serious disease. The faithful thank Phi Faa for her support and plead to grant further protection.

The guests of a Phi Faa Ritual involve themselves into this highly spiritual ceremony with dancing around a decorated sacrificial altar. The dance lasts a full night and creates trance conditions for many of the participants.

The schaman is the medium, that is able to contact the Phi Faa and invite her to take part in the ceremony. Music, Chanting and Dancing are indispensible elements of the Phi  Faa Ritual.  The Khaen , a bamboo mouth organ,  is the central  music instrument of the Phi Faa Ritual.  In many parts of the ceremony the Khaen is accompanied by the Phing (a guitar like string instrument), by a hand drum and by Chings (small bells, cymbals).

The steps of the ritual are as follows: Inviting the gods or spirits, explaining the reason for the invitation, pray for assistance, pray for protection, consoling the patient, re-calling the spirit that has fled the patient, inviting Phi Faa to accept the offers, fortune telling and take leave of Phi Faa.

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