The Phi Faa Ritual

A shamanistic ritual in Lao and Northeast -Thailand (Issan) for healing illnesses

Phi Faa is a supernatural power residing in the sky.  Phi Faa is able to heal from desease and protect from unexplained disasters.The Phi Faa Ritual is preferably celebrated  for a person that rejoices the convalescence from a serious disease. The faithful thank Phi Faa for her support and plead to grant further protection. Music, Chanting and Dancing are indispensible elements of the Phi  Faa Ritual. 

After the shaman decided the date and the location, the ritual needs about 10 days of intensive preparation prior to the night of the celebration. The preparation comprises provision of food and sacrificial offerings,  sweet smelling flowers and inviting and festive decorations.

The 4 min. video reports about the preparation of the Phi Faa Ritual. You can see this Video in HD mode and in full screen at Youtube ( )











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