Silk Road ,  Yadan National Geologic Park in Northwest-China

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A preview of a video travelogue about the spectacular wind-eroded landforms of Yadan National GeoPark near the ancient Silk Road, Gansu province, Northwest-China.

 Yadan Geological National Park is located on a dried-up riverbed, situated at the border between Taklamakan and Gobi Desert.The Geopark is famous for its spectacular wind-eroded landforms, unique in its natural beauty in the world. Its local name is "devils town".
You reach it from Dunhuang through a vast land of the Gobi desert, westwards along the ancient silk road on the Sule riverbed. During the journey you pass ruins of watch towers doted along the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty and see marshland and grassy marshland  and deserts with spectacular sand duenes or absolutely plain stone deserts for long distances within the travel. 
The land forms of the Yadan N.P. are scattered in a former river bed. Some of them look like high buildings, some of them look like churches, mosques, yurts (tent), as well as lions, camels and tortoises. Even people could find the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Palace in Tibet, the Pyramid and Sphinx in miniatures. They look like sculptural works, remarkable true to the real. Placing yourself among them, you feel as if you were in a museum of architectural works. 
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