Silk Road ,  Mogao Buddhist Caves in Dunhuang

3.5 min. video;  use the LINK to YouTube for playing the video in HD quality.


A video travelogue about the spectacular Buddhist Caves of Mogao on the Chinese part of the Silk Road, Gansu province Northwest-China. 

The Buddhist Mogao Caves near the Oasis of Dunhuang are the biggest and most spectacluar archeological exploration of Eastern Asia. The caves are the first Buddhist Temples within the Chinese imperium and represent the most important cultural and religious center of China between 366 AC until 14th century.Many of the art works and Buddhistic scripts were financed by wealthy traders and merchants after successful expeditions and caravans through the deserts on the ancient silk road. The about 1000 caves with extraordinary well preserved artitic artifacts, murals and Buddhistic and historical scrips were rediscovered by the Buddhist Monk Wang Yuanlu in the year 1900. Many sculptures and scripts were deported by Western explorers and adventurers and can today be find at big Western Museums, such as British Museum or Luvre. China strongly requests these museums to return the artifacts which had been deported without governmental permit. 





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